Camper is a contemporary Spanish footwear brand dedicated to creating unique seasonal collections that push boundaries by connecting design-driven innovation and better natural materials with decades of shoemaking heritage.
With four generations and more than 140 years dedicated to the industry, Camper remains committed to upholding the same traditional values and pioneer spirit that have defined it since its inception. Each season, dozens of original designs are developed with an expert team of designers and technicians at their head office in Mallorca, breaking molds and defying odds while maintaining the brand’s signature aesthetic. 
Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Camper strives to reduce its impact across all areas of its business. By combining innovative natural materials with the latest footwear technology, Camper creates timeless, long-lasting designs that are focused on reducing their environmental impact from the outset. 
Camper continues to be an independent family-run business, offering products online, through a select distribution network, and nearly 300 Camper stores in over 40 countries.

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