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GiANNA Black

The Flawless Flat - GiANNA Black. Minimal in look, with maximum comfort—GiANNA's box-toe design is made for all-day, everyday wear. Featuring innovative arch support, an adjustable forefoot and a hidden heel raise, she puts covetable cushioning in every step.

  • Sole Hero™ Support Footbed – Podiatrist designed | Built-in with the added benefit of adjustability in the forefoot: HEEL, ARCH & FOREFOOT SUPPORT. 

  • Four Layer Support & Cushion System designed to help prevent and alleviate common foot pain symptoms. 

  • Hidden heel raise to avoid the foot being in a very flat position.

If you commonly go for the same shoe size in your FRANKiE4’s then stick with this, but if you, or your feet vary between sizes, try starting with the bigger of the two sizes first. We’ve found it’s not uncommon to go up half a size in ballet flats, due to their neat, sleek profiles.