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Abbey - Taupe Snake

Abbey is a great comfort choice for women with 'hard-to-fit' feet due to its orthotic friendly insole, raised arch support and dual points of adjustment.

• Genuine leather is gentle against the skin and is a great choice diabetic/bunion wearers who love to wear a sandal!
• Adjustable forefoot and ankle velcro straps allow for a customised fit.
• Heel to toe cushioning throughout the footbed.
• Raised arch support works to reduce foot fatigue and maintain natural alignment. This support also aids in reducing pain caused by plantar fasciitis!
• Featuring a removable insole AND complimentary forefoot insoles that suit ¾ orthotics, you'll never have to compromise on style for comfort again.
• Patterned sole encourages traction.
• Dual strap design helps to anchor your feet while walking.
• Natural leather sock works to reduce moisture build up.
• New and improved PU sole helps to protect your joints and vertebrae from impact.
• Raised heel encourages balance.
• Stabilising shank works to maintain a neutral foot position while walking.

Width: Wide
Height: 3.5cm
Style: Sandal
Material: Leather and PU Rubber
Removable Insole: Yes